Reorder From A Previous Order

At Bolt Printing, we make reordering simple. If you've previously ordered from us, we can apply your design to new items. You're even able to change the color or style.

Best of all? Going with a reorder means you can avoid the proof approval process because all of that has been done already!

To reorder apparel, follow these easy steps:

Start by clicking the "Customer Center" to bring up the support menu.

Click the "Reorder" option.

Enter your order number. (Note: If you can't remember your order number, check your email or contact us.)

Enter your shipping zip code. (Remember: This may be different than your billing zip code! If you can't remember your shipping zip code, check your email or contact us.)

Once you've filled in your information, click "Enter" to proceed.

Which sizes do you need? Fill in a quantity under each size. (Note: Minimum orders still apply. The total number between all sizes has to hit a certain number. For t-shirts, it's 12.)

Once you've filled in the quantities, click the "Update" button.

Like your design, but want it on a different color shirt (of that same style)? Click the "Get a Different Color" button.

Like your design, but want to pick a new shirt? Click the "Get a Different Style" button. 

If you're sticking with the same color and style, click "Secure Checkout."

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