Approve My Proofs

Need to approve (a.k.a. review) your proofs? The process is as simple as going to our customer center then entering your order number & shipping zip code.

Start by clicking the "Customer Center" to bring up the support menu.

Click the "Review Proofs" option.

Enter your order number. (Note: If you can't remember your order number, check your email or contact us.)

Enter your shipping zip code. (Remember: This may be different than your billing zip code! If you can't remember your shipping zip code, check your email or contact us.)

Once you've filled in your information, click "Enter" to proceed.

Read over the instructions carefully then examine your proof(s).

Do your proof(s) look great? If so, check that "Proof Is Approved" box to give us the go-ahead!

However, if you've noticed an issue, be sure to add your comments to the proof needs changes box.

Decision time -- do ALL of your proofs meet your approval? 

If so:

1) Check that box next to "Initial"

2) Toss your initials into that "Initial" field.

3) Click "Submit"

Hooray! Your proofs have been successfully approved! Now all that's left is to sit back and wait for your order.

Remember: Without your guidance, we can't create the kind of awesome apparel you want. You're a HUGE part of the process.

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