Checking Out

Once you have proceed to check out you will see need to make sure to fill out steps 1 through 5 before you can complete the purchase:

Step 1:


You can either check out as a guest.

You can Register an Account.

If you are a returning customer and you already created an account you can login.

*NOTE: You don't have to register an account if you don't want to. If you have the order number and know the ship to zip code you can always view the orders by the order status button in the top right corner of the main home page.

Once you have selected your option and you have either hit continue or login it will drop you into

Step 2:

To move onto step 3 make sure you have completed filled out all the fields with the * and you check of the I also want to ship to this address, If not then you can click the orange box that says Bill to this Address.

Step 3:

Before you can move onto step 4 you need to re-look over the information that was entered in and you can hit continue.

Step 4:

Here is where you will select a date from the calendar.

*NOTE: The dates in Orange require a paid level of shipping. Dates in White are Free Shipping. You will only have a Saturday Delivery Option if available to the location you are shipping to.

Once you have selected a date from the calendar you will see a black filled in dot next to that option along with the date required filled in with the date you selected.

*NOTE: Keep in mind that the cost for the shipping can't be adjusted and are calculated by what you are purchasing.

After you have done that you can hit the continue to drop you into the next step.

Step 5:

Choose a payment option and enter in your payment information.

Once you have done that you will need to:

1. Check Mark the box..

2. You have to initial confirming that you have read and agreed to the terms

3. You will then be able to hit the complete purchase button.

Once you have done that you will receive an order confirmation email along with an invoice and order number that pops up right on your screen.

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